Our Child Jesus and Virgin Mary, are used as didactic material, both in the subject of religion in the different schools and in the churches for the catechists, helping the teachers to bring the figure of Jesus and Mary to the most little ones.

At the didactic level its use helps to achieve different objectives according to the type of activity that is developed:

1. Child Jesus traveler:

In this activity, the children will take Jesusito home for the weekend, take care of him and carry out activities with him and make an essay telling his experience illustrating it with a photograph. The objectives that are achieved with this activity:

• Develop responsibility habits based on the care of our plush toy.

• Develop imagination and creativity, favoring oral expression; increase of vocabulary, formation of more extensive sentences ...

• Increase a child's positive self-esteem.

• Create and develop fluid links between home and school.

2. Religious recreations:

The main objective of this activity is to bring children to different religious activities in a fun and entertaining way, appropriate to their age.

In the stage of Early Childhood Education, each year they study a character, a year Jesus, another the Virgin Mary and they make small representations of scenes from the New Testament in which the stuffed animals appear.

They also use them at Easter, where they use our Plush Toys to simulate a step.

Christmas is another moment in which they are of great help to recreate the Bethlehem, as they have the main characters, the Virgin Mary and Child Jesus.